14 Obamacare Exemptions You May Quality For

14 Obamacare Exemptions You May Quality For

If you are under the belief that there is no way out of Obamacare, you will be surprised to know that there are in fact 14 exemptions to paying the tax if you don’t have Obamacare compliant health insurance.

There are so many cracks that one can fall into with the Affordable Care Act. Some say that it will take more than 3 years to work out the bugs. But check this out… if you have any of the 14 circumstances below that affect your ability to purchase health insurance coverage, you may qualify for a “hardship” exemption. (source: https://www.healthcare.gov/exemptions/)

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These exemptions, it may be an indication that the government has realized that the Affordable Care Act is not going to work for many people. It gives a chance for people to be able to get affordable healthcare alternatives without the feat of paying the “tax” for not being compliant with Obamacare. I mean, who really wants to pay for the things they don’t need in a healthcare plan?

Holtz-Eakin, (former director of the Congressional Budget Office under George W. Bush), said that for someone to qualify for the latest waiver (#14), they could simply say they couldn’t get through on HealthCare.gov or plans were too expensive or a special condition they have didn’t appear to be covered.

As a consequence, he said, there could be “chaos” in the insurance market. Insurance companies, in exchange for taking on older and sicker patients as part of the Affordable Care Act, were counting on millions of young and healthy Americans signing on. The individual mandate — and the penalty that comes with it — was supposed to compel people who might not otherwise buy insurance to enter the system.

Now that the mandate is being softened, it’s unclear whether insurance companies will have enough of those new customers to keep premiums down for everyone else.

Here are all 14 of the legal exemptions. If you fear the tax for not having Obamacare, you may quality for at least one of these exemptions:

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With all these exemptions, it makes it easier for you to choose affordable healthcare alternatives that will give you the coverage you need, without adding in extras you have to pay for that you may never use. Most alternative plans are guaranteed coverage and guaranteed issue. With our short-term medical plans, there are only 5 questions to answer, and if you can answer NO to all 5 you are approved.

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