Beat Obesity Forever

Beat Obesity Forever"

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Problem?: Overweight? Can''t lose the weight? Tried Atkins®, Slimfast®, Weight-Watchers®, etc? Find after coming off the diet you''re back to the old weight (perhaps, even heavier!) within months?

Aim?: Lose the weight and keep it off - FOR GOOD!

Solution?: Get up to date information based on the latest research, read the simple explanations, get free support and coaching, take World Government approved nutritious food based products and supplements, and follow the easy instructions.

How?: Download and read the eBook "BEAT OBESITY FOREVER". Full of helpful explanations, advice, links, etc. This book has been specially written for everyone - what ever their sex, age, lifestyle. This is a comprehensive DIY easy to read guide to understanding obesity, to getting back your natural shape and achieving your target weight - and STAY AT THE WEIGHT YOU WANT!

You are not alone - we will, and can, help you overcome and win against this modern threat to human health. The statistics alone are enough to bring on a heart attack without worrying about the headlines in the media - please just have a look at these examples of what obesity is doing to us all - not just in America but World Wide:

These stats may be a few years old but notice how the growth in obesity has DOUBLED - it is still growing and affecting millions!

These few headlines were collected within the one week - such in the depth of the problem!

Obesity Heightens Kidney Disease Risks

THURSDAY, Aug. 16 (Health Day News) -- Chronic kidney disease patients who are also obese are much more likely than normal-weight patients to have a condition called hyperparathyroidism, which raises their risk of heart problems and death, U.S. researchers say.

Italian town to pay residents to shed flab

MILAN (Reuters) - Overweight residents of an Italian town will be paid to lose weight, the mayor said on Monday. Men living in the north western Italian town of Varallo will receive 50 euros ($70) for losing 4 kg (9 pounds) in a month, Mayor Gianluca Buonanno said women will get the same amount for shedding 3 kg (7 pounds

One Dutch child in five obese by 2015

THE HAGUE (AFP) - One child in five will be obese in the Netherlands by 2015, according to a study carried out by the Nicis research institute in the country''s major cities, the Dutch news agency ANP reported Tuesday.

Epidemic obesity hurting US health, economy: report

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Two-thirds of US adults and some 25 million children are obese or overweight, and the fatness of the land is harming Americans'' health and threatening US competitiveness, a report published Monday showed.

Americans fatter than ever: study

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Americans are fatter than ever, with obesity rates up in most states and fewer people exercising, according to a study released on Monday. Only a concerted effort by state and federal government, schools and individuals will make a dent in the growing epidemic, the Trust for Americas Health reported. Obesity rates ranged from more than 17 percent in Colorado to more than 30 percent in Mississippi.

The Answer? We believe this eBook is the start. Reading "Beating Obesity Forever" will help and you''ll be glad you got it. Don''t take our word for it - read what others have said in the first few days of launching the eBook:

I had to write and tell you. "Beat Obesity Forever" has opened my eyes and given me new hope, as well as starting to get my figure back.

My husband can''t believe how quickly I''m getting back my figure - he pays me more attention now than he has done over the last 10 years.

Thanks from both of us.

MRS Y WONG - Hong Kong (58)


I''m a 25 year old New Yorker, I have lived as a fast food junkie for too long. I did not realise what I was doing to my body - I was exercising like mad but the waistline just kept growing with all that junk I was shovelling down me.

Thanks to your fab book and Herbalife prods I''m getting back in to great shape. My gal is happier with my new bod and next year we are looking to get wed.

So long and thanks for the great book and advice.

Elmer Veltsmacker - NY (25)

How much is "Beat Obesity Forever"? A very modest price we think you will agree - US$ 8.95!

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