Holistic weight loss for women  Healthy Confident and Sexy

Holistic weight loss for women Healthy Confident and Sexy

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Healthy Confident and Sexy Mind and Body missionUnleash your strong, dedicated and empowered mindset so that you can radiate with health, confidence and sexiness. Feel more empowered and confident than ever, overcome overwhelm and confusion with grace, crush the cravings and self-sabotage that has held you back and most importantly have fun while doing it!

How would you like to get the knowledge, skills and mindset that you need to finally get the body you want and the health and well being that you deserve, in the comfort of your own home with full support from me and encouragement from your sisters doing the program at the same time? This is the most comprehensive and state of the art personal development program available in Australia developed from 5 years of me working on my own health, fitness and nutrition, body sculpting and assisting many clients reach their target weight and health goals.

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Healthy Confident and Sexy Mind and Body Mission online program 8 X 1 hour live audio-visual classes. Classes are recorded and accessible to you for ever. Attend the classes at your pc or mac in the comfort of your own home. 8 X 1 hour weekly live Q&A sessions.Inspiration, celebration and support from the online Facebook communityAn E-book version of each class is also available to you1 month satisfaction money back guaranteeAbsolutely no fillers and time wasters during the classes or Q&A sessionsFull support throughout Week 1- Discover your inner strength. In week one, you dig deeper to explore and learn more about your own values and underlying motivators. You will understand exactly what is behind most if not all the decisions and choices you have made in the past and are still making which has caused the outcome that you are getting. Understand exactly why you have sabotaged yourself unconsciously. Your values are in fact your underlying motivators in life hence they are the source of your inner strength. Discover how to make your values work for you instead of them working against you. You receiveValues and internal motivation master classE-book transcript of values and internal motivation master classValues- realignment (Learn to align your values with your goals) Deep understanding of what truly motivate your behaviors.Live Q&A sessions Week 2- Unleash the unstoppable you!In week 2 you will discover whether you are externally or internally motivated and hence you will get a much deeper insight into your own personality. You will finally learn exactly what''s behind your lack of motivation and commitment that cause you not to follow through with your goals. Once you understand exactly why it is that you are so motivated when you start a new diet and get off it only weeks or sometimes days after, and you know what to do about it, you will become unstoppable! You receiveCommitment and motivation locus master classE-book transcript of Commitment and motivation locus master classCommitment determination exerciseGoals clarity exerciseLive Q&A sessions Week 3- Put on your warrior suit! Week 3 is all about the war on self-sabotage. In week one you will discover why you self-sabotage and in week two you will gain crystal clarity about your own goals and determine how committed you are. In week 3 You will discover how to overcome those mental and emotional barriers for good. You will learn how to overcome your fears and break the walls and barriers that have been holding you back so that you can move forward and finally win the battle!You receiveSelf-sabotage and limiting emotional state master classE-book transcript of Self-sabotage and Limiting emotional state master classexperience NLP live- Let go of limiting beliefs and emotions Discover your unconscious fears and how those fears have limited youLive Q&A sessions Week 4 – Create your visionIn week 4, you paint a mental picture of your goals and dream come true. You will visualize yourself achieving success and feel the emotions associated with reaching your goals. This is not only a very powerful motivation strategy but this simple process will set your body on weight-loss auto-pilot. This means that you will start to unconsciously make choices that will help you reach your goals. You receiveRAS ( Reticular activation system) master class & E-booksStart making healthier choices unconsciouslyExperience massive motivation, fuel and boost your workoutsLive Q&A sessions Week 5- Embrace the journey This is about enjoying every aspect of this journey and realizing that it is a learning process. This is about changing your self-perception and your perception of weight loss. You will learn to enjoy each moment and notice what serves you and what doesn''t. Feel more connected to your body and be present in the moment! You receiveThe levels of experiences master class and E-books transcriptsLearn how to make weight loss fun and enjoyableFeel more connected to your body and get in "the zone" Live Q&A sessions Week 6- Become a success magnet Week 6 is about attracting success. There is one thing in common with every successful individuals and individuals who achieve success rather easily, it is that all these individuals have a very strong sense of self worth and have very high self-esteem and self-confidence. In week 6 you will learn how to love yourself a bit more. You will also learn how to celebrate your success along the way which is essential to becoming a success magnet. You receiveSelf love, self worth, self confidence master class and E-books transcriptsLearn why self-compassion is empirical in this journey and practice self-compassion dailyLearn to celebrate small and big achievements and learn why this is essentialLive Q&A sessions Week 7- Self-empowerment Week 7 is all about your mindset. You will learn what kind of mindset you will need to adopt to attract success and how to cultivate such mindset. You will learn to recognize any self-talk that discourage you and replace these with empowering self-talks and beliefs. You receiveBeliefs and mindset master class & E-books transcriptsAt cause or effect enlightenment exerciseSelf-empowerment techniquesLive Q&A sessions Week 8- Create inner peace. Week 8 is about holding your grounds when things gets a bit shaky and eliminating self-doubt so that you can radiate with confidence! You receive Certainty and confidence master class & E-books transcriptsUnderstand why you experience internal and external conflicts. Feel at peace and eliminate self-doubtLive Q&A sessions

Massive value:Over 16 hours of mindset, transformation and personal development work with me personallyKnowledge and skills that works and will greatly improve your quality of life.Ongoing access to private Facebook group where you can share your success and challenges with your transformation sistersAudio- downloads for your ipod or iphone.

Ultimately this is more than fitting into your favorite dress and having a flat tummy. This is about your health, well being, happiness and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Can you put a price on that? Give yourself the ultimate gift of health, well being, happiness and feeling Healthy Confident and Sexy in your own skin.

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