Prostate Health And Exercise

Prostate Health And Exercise

Chronic Prostate Infection?

Hello, We have been married for 7 1 / 2 years without children. Objective Treatment for infertility 2 months. Fact 2 IUI but both failed. So my infertility doc asked my husband dear to meet a specialist in urology that its rate of mobility was too low. My DH was diagnosed with a chronic infection of the prostate today. They gave him medication for 28 days and asked him to come for a semen analysis thereafter. So my IUI tomorrow has been canceled because he was diagnosed with the infection. Is it correct? Will he be OK after 28 days? I am so worried about my husband''s health regardless of whether we get for baby or not. Is there something we need to know about the infection of the prostate? He said he had no pain or anything. And it is a very healthy person, without bad habits. What could have triggered it this infection in the first place? He recently started doing a lot of exercise to stay fit. Is it because of that? Is there a cure home? Please guide us.

I also do not IUI # 3 but I''ve never heard of a prostate infection Sorry wish I could help hope someone comes with an answer for you good luck!

Pelvic Floor Exercises and Bladder Scans

The Prostate Health Workbook: A Practical Guide for the Prostate Cance


DIVCancer specialists worldwide know that proactive, assertive patients cope better with the discomforts of cancer treatments and live longer. Many men, however, postpone or avoid medical care or deny their worries and fears when diagnosed with prostate cancer. The Prostate Health Workbook, based on the author’s research, his experience as a cancer patient, and his discussions with other men, helps men take an active role in their treatment and recovery. Twenty-five worksheets enable readers to thoroughly understand their illness, exercise all available treatment options, and cope with emotional and sexual difficulties./div

Prostate Health Program: A Guide to Preventing and Controlling Prostat


Based on recent research proving that most cancers are lifestyle-related, Drs. Nixon and Gomez present a guide to preventing and controlling prostate cancer.What foods should you eat if you want to keep your prostate healthy? How does sexual activity affect the health of your prostate? What are ways you can prevent prostate cancer? What should African-American men know about prostate cancer? What are the best alternatives to radiation and surgery in treating prostate cancer? What are the symptoms of an unhealthy prostate?pThese are some of the many important questions that are answered by Dr. Daniel W. Nixon, one of America’s premier cancer research institute leaders, and Dr. Max Gomez, the charismatic health commentator whose reports are aired on NBC television stations nationwide. The authors not only provide indispensable guidance in cancer prevention but also offer a dynamic, new noninvasive treatment of prostate cancer. Packed with information, The Prostate Health Program explains in clear, simple language the link between obesity and prostate cancer, the difference between an enlarged prostate and a diseased one, the causes of frequent urination and pain, and the specific prostate problems pertaining to gay men.pDrs. Nixon and Gomez offer a user-friendly plan of diet, exercise, and behavioral change that men can easily incorporate into their lives. The authors explain why aggressive treatment, such as radiation and surgery, is often unnecessary, less effective, and more dangerous — often leaving men incontinent and impotent — than other treatments.pThe cornerstones of this unique program are the Prostate Health Pyramid and the Transition Diet, both of which were created specifically for this book and are the ultimate tools in prostate cancer prevention, control, and treatment. First, the foods that protect the health of the prostate are identified; then, food changes are introduced slowly for more effective and long-lasting reform of eating habits. B@=5Â?\(öÿ¾Úx