Tasty Diner Food for Diabetics

Tasty Diner Food for Diabetics

Tasty Diner Food for Diabetics

People with diabetes obviously must pay careful attention to what they eat. It is often suggested that they follow a specific meal plan, and methodically calculate their intake of carbohydrates.

Diabetics can help stabilize their blood sugar levels by controlling their sugar and carbohydrate consumption. But sometimes planning and cooking complex, healthy meals at home day in and day out can be tedious.

On busy days, it’s helpful to run out to the diner for some home-cooked comfort food. But how can diabetics be sure that what they are eating is healthy?

It’s never fun to eat a salad while everyone else is digging into hamburgers and French fries. Diners offer a variety of foods, from fresh vegetables to cheesy, heavy fried food. Making the right choices will ensure that you don’t throw your blood sugar into a whirl, while enjoying a tasty meal.

Breakfast At a Diner

Eggs are a good source of lean protein that can help diabetics balance out their diets. Though many diabetics worry about the high cholesterol found in eggs, eating foods that are high in cholesterol does not necessarily affect one’s blood cholesterol levels.

Diabetics should consider the saturated fat found in the foods they eat, because consuming high levels of saturated fat can increase blood cholesterol levels.

Moderate consumption of eggs—about three per week—is acceptable, according to the American Diabetic Association. A hearty omelet of eggs, salsa, and fresh vegetables is an ideal option when eating at a diner.

For even more heart-healthy appeal, diabetics can order an omelet or scrambled eggs made either with egg whites or a mixture of egg whites and yolks. Another sensible and delicious breakfast option for diabetics is yogurt with fresh fruit. Top it off with a handful of raisins as an extra treat.

Lunch At a Diner

Sandwiches are often loaded with fat-laden sauces and cheese. Ordering a sandwich on whole-wheat bread with fat-free mayonnaise and no cheese is a sensible and tasty option.

Load it up with fresh tomatoes and lettuce for variety and added crunch. If ordering a burrito or a quesadilla, ask for salsa instead of cheese and sour cream. Get a plain salad on the side and add it to anything else you’re having.

Dinner At a Diner

The dinner menu often contains healthy options for diabetics. Chicken can be broiled, roasted or grilled and served with a variety of fresh vegetables.

If this isn’t available on the menu, it never hurts to ask the chef if he or she can prepare it to your specifications. Diabetics can even eat pizza if it is made with a thin crust.

Load it with a variety of vegetables or select a Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple. It will seem less ordinary, add flavor, and fill you up with beneficial nutrients.

When it comes to desserts, let’s face it—you can avoid them for a short period of time, but depriving yourself long term just makes you want them more.

If you’re considering eating dessert, limit the carbohydrates you eat during the meal. Don’t order French fries, extra bread, or rice. Save the carbs for a serving of sugar-free pudding, a small banana split, or a heaping bowl of fruit.

Special Tips You Should Consider

Asking for a to-go container at the beginning of the meal and portioning half of the food into before beginning your meal will help prevent overeating. Sharing a meal with a friend will also ensure that diabetics stick to their meal plan.

Be aware of what you are drinking; soft drinks, juices, and sweetened teas are filled with sugar. Alcohol may be okay in moderation, but it can make symptoms of diabetes worse.

Sticking to diet drinks or water will help prevent a blood sugar spike and allow the diabetic to fill up on nutritious food instead.

When it comes down to it, diabetics can reasonably eat the same things that their friends are eating, but with moderation. Paying attention to portion sizes will help diabetics better control their blood sugar when dining out.

Author Bio – Jenny Scott is a diet counselor, part-time blogger and avid Mac gamer. She loves playing food games on her Mac computer because the graphics are great and recommends Mac games, like Diner Dash for Mac.