Goddess of Moroccan Argan Oil

Goddess of Moroccan Argan Oil

This week we are hailing Carmen Tal. Carmen Tal was originally a salon owner in Morocco and was quite happy with it. Until one day. After having a very unsatisfactory experience with having her hair colored and done, she thought about giving a crack at argan oil treatment.

She could not believe how amazing her hair looked and felt after using this.

Immediately she began thinking of ways to capitalize on this. She immediately started importing argan oil into the US, and kicked off here business with this one brand. She had humble beginnings in early 2006 with under a dozen employees and one single product, to today where she has almost 20 cosmetic products and over 300 employees in here firm! She now has a multi-million dollar business that has dubbed here the “Goddess of Argan.” While she has found early success, she is planning on continuing to search for new ways to market argan oil and to bring it into salons all over the US.

Carmen has been featured in NYC’s exclusive Gotham magazine, and has been all over the world spreading the word of Argan. Carmen is a Chilean native and has branded Morocco and argan oil with here line “Moroccanoil” which has been sweeping the nation and can be found in every woman’s medicine cabinet in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Carmen has a long history of being in the beauty industry and has even had 4 children ages 12-17. We are so happy to have her featured this week.

Carmen stated that she did not launch this product because it was something everyone else was doing, she stated that this is a response to what customers want and need.

If you would like more information about Carmens company, please be sure to check out her website.