How To Keep, Thaw Slice a Bagel — Properly!

How To Keep, Thaw Slice a Bagel — Properly!

Okay, now, how foolish can we get? Who does not know the way to thaw and slice a bagel?

The reply is: An amazingly substantial range of normal people today! Go in advance, check with ten within your friends and i wouldn’t be amazed when you never get ten distinctive answers.

One answer will truly be “take it from the freezer and established it to the counter for 15-20 minutes.” Proper (sort of).

But let us get a move back again.

You deliver property a bag stuffed with refreshing hot bagels. Yum! You, naturally, just take 1 (or two) out and consume it together with your beloved topping. Personally, I want to simply load it with Philadelphia manufacturer Cream Cheese (and that i imply LOAD it, at least ¼” thick, ½” is better still. Double YUM.) But what about the remainder of the bagels?

Separate them into two groups:

one. People you’ll consume inside of 48 hours

two. Individuals you can expect to eat over and above forty eight hours

Group 1: That is just a little trick an outdated bagel-baker instructed me many years ago. Take the bagels you are going to try to eat within 48 several hours and put them again into your PAPER bag. Location the paper bag inside of a weighty plastic bag (like a freezer high quality zip-lock bag.) Be certain the plastic bag is sealed tightly. The paper bag is vital for some purpose. I don’t profess to understand why but the previous bagel-baker insisted this may be the ONLY approach to store them; and my knowledge has demonstrated him appropriate. Even right after two times the bagels stay almost as fresh because the working day they were baked.

Group Two: If you’re gonna shop them for additional than two days, freezing is the only way to go, and you’ve got two alternatives below. Listening on the aged bagel-baker, spot the bagels (unwrapped) in a major PAPER bag. Place the paper bag of bagels in a large freezer-quality plastic bags. Greater yet, use TWO plastic bags. Get out just as much from the air as you possibly can when sealing. Place the bag(s) in to the freezer. They’ll be excellent for many months. Another process (as well as a person I personally choose) is usually to wrap every single bagel independently in plastic wrap and spot each of the wrapped bagels right into a major freezer bag. I’ve attempted it both equally approaches and don’t see a difference (paper vs. plastic) when freezing.

Some folks choose to slice the bagels In advance of freezing them. I’ve located that this tends to improve the risk of freezer melt off (which, not surprisingly, is basically freezer DRYING.) Leaving the bagels whole exposes a lot less surface area spot to your chilly, thereby lessening freezer melt away. It is also, through the way, why I never hold the bagel store slice the bagels for me. Now if I’m getting the bag on the company or plan to take in them I’ll in all probability permit the shop slice them; otherwise…never.

Bagels that have been frozen now, undoubtedly, have to be thawed previous to eating. (Unless you use a pet that loves tricky chewy factors, like our 12-year aged Great Pyrenees pet, Belle. Belle Enjoys to chew with a frozen bagel! But that’s an additional tale.) Just one easy method to thaw a bagel is to simply just set it around the counter for 20-30 minutes and permit it thaw. But when your lifetime tempo is anything like mine, who has the perfect time to hold out 20-30 minutes seeing a bagel thaw? In this particular “Now” culture, we need it swift. Yep, attain to the microwave oven. Thorough! This can be where lots of a high-quality bagel happen to be ruined. I’m not a baker but I understand that bagel dough is very superior in gluten. Gluten has a tendency to harden when reheated. The consequence can effortlessly be a “tough” bagel. Yuk. Ruined. Here’s the trick. Nuke it somewhat as crucial. Check out this: Position the plastic-wrapped bagel within the microwave oven for 12 seconds at entire power. Change it in excess of and warmth for 10 seconds. Let it set for a further thirty seconds to allow the temperature to moderate. Unwrap the bagel and slice (cautiously!!!). You’ll have got a somewhat heat bagel, comfortable and chewy, pretty much as good given that the day it was baked. (Microwave ovens range in electric power and that means you may well should adjust enough time down or up a little; but don’t overdo it! Superior to err around the small facet and zap it for yet another 4-5 seconds if wanted.) Right after slicing, it is possible to major it with your preferred topping or, if you just like a toasted bagel, decline it within the toaster, browning it towards your liking.

A buddy who worked in a fast paced Ny city Emergency Area told me which the Range One particular injury on Saturday and Sunday mornings is “Bagel Slice.” I’m confident there’s a fancy healthcare expression for it but it’s a lateral laceration across the palm in the hand. OUCH! My buddy reported it’s so repeated that there’s even an insurance policy code selection for it. I do not know if that’s true however it sounds fair.

So, what is the most effective (Most secure) solution to slice a bagel?

(A disclaimer: The Creator will not be a clinical specialist nor is he a professional butcher, baker or candlestick maker. In case you select to make use of any with the ideas herein, you need to do so entirely at your own private hazard. Be cautious!)

First of all, a child must never, in no way, never be permitted to slice a bagel.

Second, if whatsoever attainable utilize a mechanical bagel slicer. They are not highly-priced, they’re simple to operate and generally harmless; not less than less hazardous than using a knife. The guillotine type slicers would be the most secure. has them for from $7 for an inexpensive plastic task to $37 for business grade machine. You should purchase a decent one which will give you years of good support for about $20. They are nicely well worth the investment decision!

Finally, in case you insist, you may slice it by using a knife. Use only a SHARP knife, if at all possible a serrated 1 intended for slicing bread and employ it ONLY inside of a way that retains your hand and fingers out of the way. You should purchase a fantastic bread knife for $10-$20 at or your regional cutlery keep. Never ever, ever, utilize a boring knife. These are quite possibly the most dangerous.

Now, the Truly Important Piece: Tend not to, never ever, at any time, for good, tend not to lower the bagel by positioning the bagel inside the palm of your hand and slice downward towards your hand. Under no circumstances. Under no circumstances. Under no circumstances. That is how all these “bagel lacerations” turn out while in the neighborhood ER. Here’s one safe process for chopping a “whole” bagel (underneath I’ll describe an alternate approach, slicing it initially in half):

  1. Place the thawed bagel on it’s edge over a non-slip slicing board. Grasp the bagel in the best.
  2. Place your sharp bread knife, dealing with downward, among your hand and also the bagel. Cautiously experienced back and forth frivolously until finally you’ve slash throughout the crust with the bagel.
  3. Now you could enhance the strain just somewhat and carry on sawing back-and-forth, allowing the knife do the get the job done. Each of the though you’re maintaining your hand and fingers from harms way. (A typical mistake many make when cutting bread-like items is pressing down too difficult. It is additional helpful to make use of a sawing motion back-and-forth with only a quite light downward stress. Enable the knife do the do the job.)
  4. So now you are slicing your bagel downward, away from a hand and with fingers safely out of the way.
  5. Slice the bagel each of the way by way of all the way down to the slicing board.
  6. One remaining caution: When slicing the bagel as I’ve described earlier mentioned, grip the bagel firmly good enough making sure that it doesn’t tilt from side to facet, thereby rising potential risk of damage. It is yet another motive for applying just mild stress within the knife.

Alternate: A fair safer way will be to first minimize the full bagel in 50 %. Then slice each and every half as I’ve explained previously mentioned, positioning the “flat” component with the bagel within the slicing board. You find yourself with four items so this method isn’t the top if you’re constructing a sandwich but, normally, they all taste exactly the same.

Sharp knife good approach = The risk-free solution to slice a bagel.

Spread the word to all your bagel-eating associates! Mail them a duplicate on this write-up (or mail them the link); it is for his or her safety!

Now, sit again, loosen up, and enjoy your wonderful bagel!