Proactol Plus Review

Proactol Plus Review

Fully Certified Under EU Rulings

Proactol Plus review
Proactol Plus has been available to buy over the counter since 2006. It has competed with all the major brands from both the UK and the United States.

While competitive products arrive with a blast of media publicity and then shrink back into obscurity Proactol Plus remains at the forefront.

It can be bought without prescription – the non-prescription weight loss market was not governed as strictly as perhaps it should have been until recently.

“Proactol Plus can help you reduce your calorie intake by 295 per day"

New MHRA, Advertising and EU regulations have come into effect in the Spring of 2011. You’ll notice the likes of Boots and Superdrug having less choice nowadays as several brands have had to be removed from shelves.

The new directive is aimed at removing diet product that cannot validate their claims - spelling the end for the "dodgy diet pill".

Proactol Plus has been able to validate is claims from the onset (when it was simply called Proactol) and is quite possibly the most legitimate and certified Weight loss pill available to a UK and European consumer base.

"Proactol Plus stops the absorption of fat and suppresses appetite"

What Is Proactol Plus

It is is a combined fat binder and appetite suppressant.

Fat binding is basically stopping a portion of fat from the food that you eat from being digested or absorbed by your stomach. Proactol Plus can stop or prevent around 27% of consumed fat allowing it to pass natural through your body.

In more simple terms just over a quarter of the fatty food that you eat will not become excess body fat and will not contribute towards fatty build up in the usual troublesome areas like your hips, midriff and bottom.

Proactol Plus can also reduce appetite and help to increase satiety (the feeling of fullness) quicker. This means that your food portions will become smaller and you will be become accustomed to wanting and expecting smaller food food portions.

* Proactol Plus can prevent 27% of fat absorption – impartial study has proven that Proactol Plus significantly reduces the amount of dietary fat absorbed by your stomach
* Reduces your total calorie intake by 295 calories daily – Without altering your diet radically you can reduce calorie intake
* Suppresses your appetite naturally – If you are not hungry you will eat less, Proactol Plus is a highly effective appetite suppressant

Proactol Plus Is Certified And Approved

Has been approved by the medical fraternity for several years and is a certified medical device product (MDD 93/42/EEC) – it also carries the CE mark of approval.

It is completely natural and also contains no animal products either in ingredients or capsule. It is suitable for vegetarians.

Proactol Plus is proud of its status - If you were to scrutinize weight loss products on the web you’ll find that many that are advertised are untested, unregulated and have no proof at all.

Proactol Plus is also free from side effects.

"Proactol Plus is now owned by a former satisfied customer"

Proactol Plus Testimonials And Success Stories

There have been numerous weight loss success stories involving Proactol from all over the world.

While many competing products use the celebrity angle, Proactol prefers to retain an air believability by gathering weight loss experiences from people from the real world

Perhaps its biggest success story is told by Claire Brentwood. Claire, a former customer was so impressed she bough the company.

Is Proactol Plus Recommended

Proactol Plus is highly recommended, it has been a market leader for several years and boast a high level of certification.

If you plan on using a weight loss pill give Proactol Plus serious consideration.

Where To Buy Proactol Plus

Available to buy direct without prescription from the official website

A guarantee of 180 days (6 months) is one of the longest in the industry

A one month supply costs around £40 - although expensive it pretty much does what it says on the tin. Is it better to pay £40 for something that is proven to work or less for something that isnt. You generally get what you pay for

With discounts on multiple months the best value option currently is a 3 month supply. If you use the discount code CEBPR1 (click code to activate) a 15% discount is applied to purchases over 3 months.