South Beach Diet Recipe

South Beach Diet Recipe

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The South Beach Diet has become so popular that there is even a cookbook devoted to helping people follow the diet plan. The book contains one delicious South Beach Diet recipe after another. The South Beach diet follows a very strict ingredient plan in the beginning of the diet and this makes a cookbook especially handy to have.

In the first phase of the South Beach Diet, dieters are restricted to meat, eggs, cheese, vegetables, nuts and fish. Don’t worry if you found that list of ingredients extremely small. So did we. Luckily though with the help of the south beach diet recipe central on the official website as well as the cookbook which has one south beach diet recipe after another, hopeful dieters will be able to cook more than enough meals to last through the entire first phase (which is two weeks long).

In addition to the amazing south beach diet recipe index, there is also an array of south beach diet meal planners available. You can find plenty of them online as more people try the diet, develop strategies that work and then decide that they want to share those strategies with others. There are so many south beach diet recipe hints out there that nobody should have any trouble figuring out what to fix for his or her next meal.

One of the reasons the South Beach Diet is so popular is that it doesn’t ever ask dieters to count calories. Instead it gradually introduces more food options as the diet plan goes on so that by the end of the diet those following it will be eating three balanced meals as well as three snacks. Instead of eating to get full, dieters are told to eat until they feel satisfied. With the snacks, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the portion sizes of the meals get smaller.

If you are interested in the South Beach Diet, or might be thinking trying a south beach diet recipe or two, here are some tips to help you make a decision:

Tip #1

The South Beach diet is named after the South Beach area of Miami Florida and was developed by Arthur Agatston. Agatston, at the time the South Beach diet was developed, was a cardiologist who believed that people should eat carbs and fats… good carbs and good fats. A cardiologist advocating carbs and fats carries quite a bit of authority in the dieting world.

Tip #2

Kraft Foods conducted a study of the South Beach diet. The study involved sixty nine research subjects who were studied over a three month period of time. The research study backed up the information that was found by Agatston, who did his own study of the effectiveness of the South Beach diet a year prior to the Kraft Foods study. The results of both studies were favorable.

Tip #3

The South Beach diet promotes eating habits that are low in “bad” carbs and “bad” fats. Examples of the good and the bad of each food category can be found in the South Beach diet books.