To Your Good Health

To Your Good Health

Stephanie O''Brien

Hi, my name is Stephanie O’Brien and I want to welcome you to my website…holisticnutritionandskin I am the founder and proud owner of Á Votre Santé, a company established to provide my clients with a fresh “holistic” approach to skin care and nutrition. For over 15 years, my business has given me the opportunity to provide nutritional counseling coupled with skin care therapies that result in a healthier “you” inside and out.

My company was born out of my genuine desire to help others. Like so many, I have experienced some life-changing health issues. After battling two bouts of breast cancer, I decided to devote the rest of my life educating others about the importance of good nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I’m sure you have noticed that the name of my company, Á Votre Santé is a little unusual. Although unusual and maybe a little difficult to pronounce, it clearly expresses my core belief about the importance of maintaining good health regardless of your age. In my search to find the right name for my business, I purposely chose the French phrase Á Votre Santé, which means “To Your Good Health”. That simple little phrase clearly expresses my passion about life and my approach to the close relationship between nutrition and skin care.

I want to genuinely thank you for visiting my site. This is my effort to reach out to my clients and friends; to share skin care and nutritional articles, ideas and advice that I think would be of benefit or interest to you.

If you are a client please click on the Testimonial Tab and share your thoughts about your experience, I would love to hear from you. If you have a suggestion about a specific topic that you want me to cover or a question you would like for me to answer, please go to the Contact Tab and leave me a message.