- Review of 2006 and - Review of 2006 and

A warm welcome to you all; we hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and find it informative, as well as entertaining. We also take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. In this newsletter we are abandoning our usual practice of including articles, etc; instead we are sharing with you a review and update of 2006, introducing you to the other new businesses started in the year, and ending with an insight of what is planned for 2007.

This has been our first full year of activity and without the help of many people we wouldn''t have been able to get started with the majority of our ideas. In the next two paragraphs we pay our tribute to them and express our appreciation.

Firstly........ in this issue we acknowledge two people who have contributed items of fun for this month''s newsletter. Les Street, who is a retiring sort of fellow, has shown us an unusual way the Danes slow down speeding traffic; James Hobbs has again come up trumps with the top 6 examples of poor driving. Both of their contributions are shown as links at the foot of this newsletter.

And......the acknowledgements continue - this time for the whole year. There are many who have helped us through out the year and, whilst we would love to list them all here, we only have space for a few: Allison and Charles Crisp for their articles, technical support (esp ''refids''), and ideas (this newsletter, for one). ''The Rich Jerk''® for ideas, in particular, for recommending XsitePro® as the web writing program of choice. Paul Smithson and the staff of and for their technical support, providing Xmail® as the ''spam filter buster'' and hosting our websites. Sara Brown (Laycock Publishing) for her monthly newsletters, the ''One Month Magnate'' and ''Mini Launches''. Last, but by no means least, Karen who has given moral support and encouragement when times were desperate.

Our Review of 2006 (to view the websites please click on the picture/logo - except for the eBay® shop which is temporarily closed)

Diets4u was conceived in Dec 2005; this ''gateway'' website was designed and eventually launched in Feb 2006 (along with the Work from Home website (next item below)). The first newsletter was issued in May 2006, a Joint Venture to help combat Child Obesity was launched October 2006 and, then, all came crashing down with the ''virus attack'' in November 2006 (see last month''s newsletter for gruesome details - via Archive). This website has attracted interest from all over the world and now has Google and Yahoo rankings of 1 and 2, respectively, in the search engine results. We see the purpose of the newsletters and website as a means to encourage customers to learn about our products, to buy (obviously!) and to learn (if they wish) more about health and well-being issues - to make it more interesting, we have been known, on occassion, to introduce a bit of fun in to the proceedings.

This is another ''gateway'' website running parallel to, but is intended as an introduction to those customers and visitors who wish to join our organisation and work in the wellness business. The wellness business is taking the world by storm and is now mentioned virtually everyday in the news media. We think this site is long overdue for a make over - a job for 2007!

This business is a ''spin off'' from the work we did in setting up the first two websites. We now offer our services as website designers, copywriters, and newsletter compilers to the world. - on the website we have one testimonial but we have many more on file (we haven''t included them on the website to protect our clients'' confidentiality)

This is our venture in to the new world of Internet Marketing and entrepreneurship - launched in September 2006, this venture has gradually grown but it is still very much in the development stage as regards the website. A lot of data was lost in the November crash but we are gradually rebuilding and recreating our product line. This has led to the development of our eBay® ID and shop (see next item). Like, this venture also issues newsletters and promotions (not on a monthly cycle but more ''as and when'' we think our customers will be interested). We have received enquiries from all over the world (especially from China) from suppliers who wish to trade with us.

Our eBay® shop is not stocked as fully as we had planned - again the virus attack also wiped out all our data we had loaded on TurboLister® prior to launching in time to meet the Xmas demand - so, we are starting again to catalogue all our lines and will launch them in 2007.

Finally, this website is an overview of our activities and the various specialities/ niche products we offer. We like to think it is quite comprehensive and gladly welcome suggestions/ ideas from all quarters. A web form is at the foot of the Home page for those who wish to help us with feedback.

That is our brief review of 2006 - what of 2007?

  • Firstly, redesigning our Work from Home website.
  • Replacing the lost data for the shopping trolley on the website + all the product lines/ info sheets.
  • Concentrating more on traffic generation to the websites (Blogs, ezines, directories, etc).
  • Improved marketing; greater use of testimonials, etc.
  • Improve communication access for customers via Skype®, mobile access, web forms (already being introduced on some sites).
  • Continue and improve the Child Obesity campaign.
  • Launch a ''quit smoking'' help resource via our new facility
  • Develop our penetration in to the Far East - China is looking very promising. We will continue developing our North American market and wholesaler base. The UK and Europe still remains our primary sphere of activity.

As you may have noticed, we have our work cut out for the next few months. We will keep you updated with progress reports in our newsletters.

Before we list the links for the fun, we again wish to thank all of you, our customers and readers, for your help and encouragement through 2006 - have a very Merry Xmas and a Prosperous New Year (amen to that one!!)

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