Home Remedies for Vaginitis

Home Remedies for Vaginitis

Maintenance of hygienic conditions is the most important factor in the treatment of vaginitis. It is only after this is achieved that morbidity and consequent inflammation and discharge can be prevented.

Another important factor is diet. The patient should fast for three to five days. Depending upon the condition, the fasting period may be extended. During this period, she may take juices of lemon and other sub-acidic fruits. This will give the system an opportunity to divert its vital energies to check inflammation and infection.

After the juice fasting, the patient may adopt a restricted diet, consisting of raw vegetable salads, fruits and sprouts.

This will ensure minimal mucous secretions. This restricted diet should be continued for 10 to 15 days, it will help reduce inflammatory conditions. Boiled vegetables which are easily digestible may be added gradually to this diet. Later, rice dhal, vegetable soup or butter milk may be taken for lunch and an uncooked diet for dinner. The patient should avoid coffee, tea, and other stimulants as well as sugar, fried and refined foods.

Treatment through water plays an important role in overcoming vaginitis. The patient should be given enema, with lukewarm neem water to cleanse the bowels and prevent constipation which increases the toxemic conditions, inflammation and infection in the genital organs. For general cleansing and elimination of purulent vaginal discharge, neem water vaginal douche at 35C - 40C followed by a cold douche will be highly beneficial.

In persistent cases, cold vaginal irritation provides relief. This treatment is best administered with a fountain syringe, containing water. The syringe should be placed two or three feet above the patient and water injected into the vagina. The patient should lie upon her back, with hips elevated and water should flow out of the vaginal canal.

A moderately prolonged cold hip bath accompanied with a hot foot bath is also helpful. Another mode of treatment considered beneficial is the wet girdle pack for about an hour. This helps reduce inflammation. Cold douche on the perineal region for 10 to 15 minutes and a mud pack on the abdomen for 10 minutes twice a day also help reduce inflammation.

After recovery, it is essential to adopt correct eating habits and hygienic living conditions. Proper rest and exercise are also important in the prevention and treatment of vaginitis.