How to lose weight quickly? Part(3)

How to lose weight quickly? Part(3)

When you sleep, the human body produces most powerful hormones that burn fat. The level of the hormone come to be in the highest level, when you do not eat any carbohydrates after 6 pm, so let the food for breakfast. To increase the testosterone levels you can eat something before going to bed (see the best 10 foods that don’t hurt your diet if you eat them by the sleep).

For example, a piece of boiled meat or poultry meat or fish marinated with lemon juice. If you are mature and you pay much attention to your skeleton, you can eat a few tablespoons of low fat cheese. This will provide your body with calcium and satisfy your appetite.

The best foods that help you to lose weight are the fresh, natural, low-calorie and high nutritional value foods. They are the foods that contain high quality protein, vitamins and minerals, cellulose diet, and plenty of water, and limited amounts of fats and sugars and salt. Such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, brown rice, potatoes, and fresh fish (especially sea fish) and carbohydrate foods like bread, oats, porridge, etc.

Many of the foods that contain a lot of water are among the best weight loss products that help you lose weight quickly and naturally. In most cases, we can find that they are low-calorie foods and they can reduce consumption of water needed by any program to lose weight.

Organic fresh foods are considered of the best foods to lose weight because they are usually low in calories and contain a small amount of salt. If you eat too much salt, it will work to keep a large amount of water in your body and thus you may gain more weight for several kilograms. Salt may also lead to the formation of gallstones. Low-salt diet can help to remove excess water from the body and may protect you against water retention in the body. Sugar is not one of the foods that you should eat in your diet, because sugar contains carbohydrates that turn to fat by the body.

To assist in the promotion of diet, lose weight and get the healthy body, follow these simple rules:

-Try eating more fresh fruits and vegetables especially the most beneficial which is the salad with carrots, lettuce, and apples.

-Drink a little water, food and fruit juices. They contain sugar beneficial. To find out the standard sugar, you should read the list of the contents of the product on the package label. High amount of sugar is the amount that exceeds 15 grams of sugar per 100 grams of the product. And the least rate is at 5 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

-The bran or apostasy contains plenty of useful cellulose food; add it to soups, cereals, juices, and cocktails.
Legumes are also good when it is boiled well. Put them in water at night, and boil them in the morning.

-Use lemon juice in salad instead of oil or mayonnaise.
Try eating dry bread or vegetable cakes.

-Eat dried fruit as a snack. If you soak dried fruit in the water, it will lose the excess sugar in a few hours.

-Nuts are also a very useful snack, as they are rarely eaten in excessive quantities, which satisfy the hunger and stimulate the mind.