I bit into my lip and now it hurts bad. Help?

I bit into my lip and now it hurts bad. Help?

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I bit into my lip and now it hurts bad. Help?

QuestionOkay, well when I''m nervous I chew on my lip and there was this thing that went on and I bit biting the inside of my lip in anticipation. So now there''s this really big open (I don''t really know what to call it. Sore? Cut?) wound and it hurts really bad. Are there any home rememdys I can use. Thank you!!!Best AnswerI dont know of any but you want to keep away from spicy food, orange jucie, lemmons, coke, basically just water with no effervesence. Do not use mouth wash. And before you go to bed put a little tiny drop of iodofon on the "cut".Other AnswerIf you keep repeatedly biting it, it''s because it''s swollen, and a bigger target now. Try this:http://www.tandurust.com/lip-care/bitten…

(scroll down on that one to the remedy.)

Hope this Helps!just dont bite your lip til it heals...Tagshelp hurts into

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