South Beach Diet Food List

South Beach Diet Food List

One of the aspects to the South Beach Diet is that it does not truly limit the food you eat, save for two weeks in the first “phase” of the diet. The South Beach Diet is more about portion control, cutting cravings and changing the body’s chemistry. This article is a simple run down of the South Beach Diet Food List. You will be amazed when you see how inclusive it is.

Here is a list of the foods you are allowed to eat while on the South Beach Diet.

South Beach Diet Food List, Phase One: lean cuts of beef (like sirloin and top round), all types of seafood, some pork (Broiled ham and Canadian Bacon), poultry (skinless of course), Veal, A variety of cheeses including parmesan, American, cottage cheese, cheddar, ricotta, provolone and string cheese. You are also allowed to eat small portions of nuts and peanut butter, eat a small variety of dairy (nonfat or low fat milk as well as non fat or low fat plain yogurt), soy milk, eggs, vegetables, and tofu. You are also allowed to use non-sweetened seasonings, as well as canola and olive oil in the preparation of your food. If the sweet cravings get to be too much, you are allowed to have sugar free candies, but you must limit the amount of sweets you eat to seventy five calories a day. After all, the goal of phase one is to cure you of your sweets cravings.

South Beach Diet Food List, Phase Two: This is essentially the same list as the Phase One South Beach Diet Food List, but there are a few notable exceptions. In Phase two, you are allowed to include all dairy products, reintroduce your body to fruits and begin to eat whole grained foods again. This is also the phase when you are allowed to drink small amounts of red wine. You will want to be careful during this phase to re introduce yourself to the foods that weren’t allowed during phase one. Your body will have forgotten how to process those foods, so you’ll want to only eat them in very small portions until your body gets readjusted.

There is a third phase to the South Beach Diet, but it does not have a South Beach Diet food list. It is, instead about portion control and diet maintenance.

Here are some background tips about the South Beach Diet:

Tip #1

The South Beach diet is named after the South Beach area of Miami Florida and was developed by Arthur Agatston. Agatston, at the time the South Beach diet was developed, was a cardiologist who believed that people should eat carbs and fats… good carbs and good fats. A cardiologist advocating carbs and fats carries quite a bit of authority in the dieting world.

Tip #2

Kraft Foods conducted a study of the South Beach diet. The study involved sixty nine research subjects who were studied over a three month period of time. The research study backed up the information that was found by Agatston, who did his own study of the effectiveness of the South Beach diet a year prior to the Kraft Foods study. The results of both studies were favorable.

Tip #3

The South Beach diet promotes eating habits that are low in “bad” carbs and “bad” fats. Examples of the good and the bad of each food category can be found in the South Beach diet books.