6 Great Moroccan Argan Oil Uses and Benefits

6 Great Moroccan Argan Oil Uses and Benefits

Argan oil has often been referred to as “liquid gold,” because of its multitudinous benefits for the hair and skin. Argan oil is an organic substance that is extracted from Argan tree kernels. The Argan tree is native to the country of Morocco. This oil is nutrient rich, containing essential vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin E and fatty acids. The specific properties of Argan oil make it highly beneficial for the hair and skin, making it immensely popular among celebrities. The good news is that it is not just for the famous and wealthy people of the world; the benefits of this magnificent organic oil are accessible to everyone.

  • There are many argan oil uses and benefits, including:
  • The ability to act as a skin moisturizer
  • Works extremely well as a hair conditioner
  • It has been proven to have anti-aging properties
  • Treats Dry Skin Conditions
  • Help to fight acne
  • Helps pregnant women prevent the development of stretch marks during pregnancy

There are many more benefits of Argan oil, but the aforementioned benefits are the leading reasons that the oil has become so popular.

Skin Moisturizer

The most common use of Argan oil is as a skin moisturizer for the purpose of softening and hydrating the skin. The fact that Argan oil is rich in fatty acid and vitamin E makes it ideal for giving the skin the healthy look that it needs. Another reason that it works great as a moisturizer is the fact that it absorbs into the skin easily, and it is non-greasy. Because it does not irritate the skin, it can be used all over the body without any complications.

Hair Conditioner

Many people find it immensely difficult to find the ideal hair conditioner, but that may change for many, as Argan oil has been proven to make the hair more shinier as well as enhance the softness of the air. This oil even has the capacity to treat damaged and split ends. People who struggle with frizzy hair will love it, because it has the ability to tame even the frizziest hair.


People are constantly looking for the fountain of youth. Many of them have turned to plastic surgery to help extend their youthful looks. Not only will argan oil serve as an excellent skin moisturizer, but it also has the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in order to provide that youthful glow that so many people are looking for. The anti-oxidants make it ideal for use as an anti-aging oil. It also has the ability to restore the skins elasticity, which is a significant issue as a person ages.

By simply massaging several drops of Argan oil into the skin, a person can begin to experience significantly younger looking skin.


There is no shortage of acne care products out there, but a person would be hard pressed to find a product that works as well on acne as Argan oil. Most skin moisturizers have a proclivity to exacerbate pre-existing skin conditions, especially when it comes to acne; however, Argan oil actually helps to lessen the appearance of acne and combat the development of new acne. It helps to soothe the skin while promoting healing.

One of the primary causes of acne is oily skin. Since Argan oil is not greased based, it provides a certain level of balance. This is done through the moisture that is provided by Argan oil.

The best way to use Argan oil to help combat acne is to clean the affected area thoroughly. Once the area has been clean, pat dry the area with a clean cloth or a cotton ball. This will ensure that the essential nutrients and moisture will be introduced to skin that is clean and dry. By simply rubbing in a few drops to the affected area, the healing process will be begin. This should be done at least twice per day for the best results.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can become an issue for pregnant women as their skin stretches to accommodate the growth of their baby. Argan oil is ideal for helping to protect against stretch marks that can develop as the skin — especially around the midsection, hips and thighs — begins to stretch to accommodate the progression of the pregnancy.

Some people use it for foot, hand and nail treatments, while others use it as a lip moisturizer. A great thing about Argan oil in its pure form is that it is safe and that there are no harmful side effects.