Hair Loss and Raw Juicing

Hair Loss and Raw Juicing

There is a constant need to find all natural ways to cure hair loss and balding. A full head of hair is and has always been associated with beauty, where as baldness has never really been fully accepted. Unfortunately there are too many who are afflicted with this embarrassing ailment.

Studies show that the increase in baldness may be due to the fact that many people have poor diets. In an attempt to prevent or reverse their hair loss, many people are trying out radical new diets that involve different combinations of foods and food groups as well as different methods of cooking their foods. One of the most innovative of these methods is raw juicing.

Why Is Raw Juicing Beneficial?

Raw juicing captures all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables without any loss due cooking.

Increased roughage to the digestive system can be to hard on your body. Roughage is the residue or fiber found in plants and can be extremely hard on the human digestive track if taken in large amounts. If your digestive system is already compromised then a lot of fiber in your system can make for an even more difficult set of circumstances.

Cooking fruits and vegetables takes away a lot of the nutrients and also peeling the outer layer of fruits and vegetables reduce the amount of antioxidants that you actually get when you eat any fruit or vegetable. Reduced absorption of nutrients and the subsequent malnutrition results in increased hair loss. It also causes a person to become gray earlier than normal. A better quality diet, with an increase of vitamins from the B family along with zinc means less hair loss and maybe even the eradication of baldness altogether.

Juicing allows for speedy absorption of vitamins and minerals into the body. This is really great for seniors who have compromised digestive systems, in part from years of eating improperly. Raw juice allows for the release of the liquids inside cells that otherwise might have been passed through the body via feces. These bioflavonoid that are found in raw juice help to establish health and good hair!

Cucumbers, spinach, wheat grass, lettuce and carrots are great vegetables for raw juicing. And if you use organically grown vegetables, you can even use the skin, which is more nutrient dense than any other part of the fruit. Organic and non-waxed fruits also mean that they are pesticide and fungi-free, a plus as you do not want this in your system!

Enzymes found in raw juice only last about 30 minutes when not refrigerated, and about 24 hours when they are. After this enzymes die and the juice has lost its power, its effectiveness.

Supplements are always good, but if you really want the full effect of vitamins and minerals then juicing is the best way to go. Raw juicing and hair loss are connected in that essentially raw juice contains potent vitamins and mineral that help to maintain optimum health and also prevent hair loss.

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