Lose Weight through Cosmetic Surgery   Health Tips

Lose Weight through Cosmetic Surgery Health Tips

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Those who have endlessly tried over the years to lose weight through diets, taking slimming tablets, following exercise regimes, and are repetitively unsuccessful in their attempts may benefit from cosmetic weight loss surgery.

Surgery is not the only facet of successful weight loss through cosmetic procedures. Being part of a weight loss management programme helps to transform thinking and behaviours for healthier weight and living.  Obesity may run in families and genetics plays a role.

Cosmetic surgery aims to get rid of the excess weight and shrink the stomach for manageable weight control. Excess weight places strain on the body and may lead to other health complications, such as diabetes and heart disease. Cosmetic weight loss surgery enhances body beauty and offer opportunity to reduce risk of ill health for better quality of life.

The options in cosmetic weight loss surgery are quite diverse, and include stomach shrinking procedures such as:

POSE decreasing the stomach’s physical size and connection to the small intestine, reducing stomach capacity that curbs hunger and facilitates weight loss. A breakthrough treatment for people with obesity, the procedure is performed pain-free via the mouth with endoscopy. Through the endoscope a surgical instrument folds and stitches the tissues of the stomach fundus to hold less food and give a faster feeling of fullness. Conducted under general anaesthetic the patient recovers to normal within a few days. Support and aftercare are provided for dietary management.

Gastric balloon is for people who are obese and require a sensible eating programme. An endoscopic tube is used to insert a deflated medical-grade gastric balloon into the stomach via the mouth.  The balloon is inflated with saline solution to restrict stomach capacity. The procedure takes 15 minutes and is done pain-free under sedation in hospital for an hour or two. Recovery takes two to four days.

Through laparoscopic surgery a small incision is made in the abdomen where the adjustable gastric band is inserted at the top of the stomach with an inflation port accessible via the skin. Using general anaesthetic the half hour operation is pain-free. The band is inflated six weeks later, restricting stomach size and food intake. People who are obese benefit from the procedure as smaller food portions are needed to feel full.

An EndoBarrier Gastrointestinal Liner is designed for people who are obese to lose weight and those needing to regain metabolic control of Type 2 Diabetes. An endoscope is inserted via the mouth with the EndoBarrier placed in the duodenal bulb to prevent food being in contact with the intestinal walls, delaying digestion and hormonal activation that governs appetite.

Sleeve Gastrectomy takes 60 to 90 minutes where, via incisions in the abdomen, the part of the stomach containing the appetite-controlling hormone ghrelin is removed and replaced by a sleeve or tube. The procedure is permanent and aims to shrink stomach size and enable controllable appetite.

If you would like to learn more about cosmetic surgery to lose weight then go to the Cosmetic Surgery Consultants web page.

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