The South Beach Diet is one of the most popular diets on the diet market today. It is so popular that there have been a number of “spin off” books published as companion volumes to the original book (which was on the New York Times’ bestseller list for ninety one weeks). In addition to the cookbook, the guide to carbs and fats, the South Beach Diet for the Heart book (as well as many others) there is also a website. Yes, now you can even find the South Beach Diet online.

There is, of course, an official South Beach Diet website. The South Beach Diet Online offers a variety of information. The website explains the diet and has a biography of Dr. Arthur Agatston, the doctor who invented the South Beach Diet. South Beach Diet Online also has a wide variety of Recipes and meal plans. There are also support forums where people new to the South Beach Diet can find help from other dieters who are more experienced and might have useful advice.

The only problem with the South Beach Diet Online is that you have to become a member to enjoy any of the services and unfortunately the South Beach Diet Online site is not free. While the cost is minimal (only five dollars US a week), there is so much other information on the South Beach Diet online that you can find for free, whether or not you want to spend the money on the “official” South Beach Diet Online website.

Here are some background tips on the South Beach Diet and its history:

Tip #1

The South Beach diet is named after the South Beach area of Miami Florida and was developed by Arthur Agatston. Agatston, at the time the South Beach diet was developed, was a cardiologist who believed that people should eat carbs and fats… good carbs and good fats. A cardiologist advocating carbs and fats carries quite a bit of authority in the dieting world.

Tip #2

Kraft Foods conducted a study of the South Beach diet. The study involved sixty nine research subjects who were studied over a three month period of time. The research study backed up the information that was found by Agatston, who did his own study of the effectiveness of the South Beach diet a year prior to the Kraft Foods study. The results of both studies were favorable.

Tip #3

The South Beach diet promotes eating habits that are low in “bad” carbs and “bad” fats. Examples of the good and the bad of each food category can be found in the South Beach diet books.